Free HR Assessment

Most people believe they have good job descriptions; many of these descriptions are not in compliance, nor are they as useful as they should be. Have you had your descriptions reviewed for compliance?  

There are right and wrong methods of hiring and such practices need to be reviewed to ensure compliance. First of all, has your employment application been updated in the last year or two?


Responsible hiring practices are critical not only for compliance, but for effective business practices that will ultimately save you time and money reducing likelihood of turnover or need for terminating ineffective staff.  Learning more about how they performed in previous roles is absolutely essential.

In your hiring process, are you conducting reference checks?


Employee handbooks that are well written are the most important management tool a business or organization of any size can have. Do you have an employee handbook that has been updated or reviewed in the last 18 months? 

Performance evaluations are often the one thing that people avoid yet it's the most important job of any business owner or manager.  It's more about how you handle the process than the document you use.  The number 1 job of any business owner or manager is to ensure performance is at the level desired. Do you have a formal method of reviewing performance?


A very important focus these days for organizations and businesses of all sizes is ensuring the workplace is safe and free from unnecessary conflict.  We see so much related to harassment, bullying & workplace violence.

Do you have a policy against harassment?

Workplace violence?

and discrimination?

Do you include training on each topic?

If you answered no to even one of the above, you are not in compliance.

No to any of these allow JBM to assist you through ensuring compliance, contact JBM

Are your employees classified properly per FLSA standards for "Exempt" and "Non-Exempt" status?  The DOL is well known for conducting audits related to this topic.  Don't be caught out of compliance, it's an expensive "error"in judgment and evaluation of your positions.  Almost no business that doesn't seek HR expertise is in compliance. The DOL knows that, let me help you with this! Contact JBM

Compliance with wage and hour laws is critical, particularly in regards to overtime rules. Many of the audits conducted are focused on these laws. Are you aware of the laws related?

There are a significant number of records and years that they must be retained. 

Have you ever had a recordkeeping audit?   If you have any doubts before answering this question, consider the Recordkeeping Assessment

Avoid situations where employees seek "outside help" (aka lawyers)" in order to "air" their complaints. Do you have a written policy on an internal employee grievance process?


JBM has put in a new product to meet the needs of those that aren't sure they need help managing employees so are reluctant to spend money on consulting, but are smart enough to realize,they probably do. JBM will allow for up to a half hour of discussion related to an issue or guidance on where you are and what steps you should take to begin or complete the process of compliance for this year. This is called HR Now!

Whether Yes or No.. it's so important to be in compliance and handle your most valuable assets in a manner that will save you money, increase your success and reduce liability.  Being in the HR field over 25 years I can tell you, HR is increasingly complex.  Whether you are a seasoned HR professional, business owner or new to the field, help is needed, which is the purpose of developing this invaluable website.  While the resources are tremendous, the key to optimizing your success in implementing best practices is to utilize our cost effective consulting time available .

Not sure where you should go with your HR practices? Not sure what to look for or where to turn to prioritize/recognize vulnerabilities? Need more information on what to do next? We HIGHLY recommend completing the HR Practices Assessment.

This assessment will trigger many areas for you to decide to prioritize as you move to improve your HR practices and compliance! If you have any questions   Contact JBM directly 716-946-8381 or !

This  FREE Assessment gives you a sense of some burning issues but there are so many more potential liabilities and issues.   This site is designed to make HR administration and compliance  one stop, easy to use with expert advice at your fingertips!

Did you ever struggle with HR issues and questions that you would have wanted assistance to ensure proper handling of the problem or situation?

Do you know the rules around transgender employees and workplace requirements?